Lesson structure: Lessons are 30 minutes in duration and held on a weekly basis within the school. Students are trained in basic technical and theoretical concepts, such as instrument-specific technique, note reading, pitch, musical structure, rhythm and performance. Students work from a Method Book and may also be assigned other tasks or popular songs by their tutor.

Ensemble/Band Program. Students have the opportunity to become involved in the ensemble/band program. This program runs separately from individual lessons and introduces students to another important aspect of instrumental performance. Students that participate in this program spend time on ensemble material during their own lesson when needed. This program is conducted in relation to needs and generally for the advancing students. Special lessons can be conducted during school hours or in an after school situation (depending on the needs and availability of the students involved).

Annual concert(s) – Students are encouraged to perform as it allows them to showcase what they have learnt throughout the year. Performance is a fantastic way for young students to develop greater self-confidence and to encourages a sense of accomplishment.

Tutor & Student requirements: Tutors are able to collect and return students to their classroom; which ensures attendance and your child’s safety. Students are required to bring their Method Book and Exercise Book, which are provided on enrolment. This is used for homework/practice, notes and for communication between tutors and parents.